Gambling Helpline Aotearoa

Do you live with a gambler?

Do you live with someone who has problems with their gambling?

Please answer the questions below :

Are you being constantly bothered by debt collectors?
Is the person that is gambling, often not at home for lengthy, unexplained periods of time?
When it comes to money, do you feel that this person cannot be trusted?
Does this person genuinely promise that they will stop gambling, and maybe plead for another chance, only to gamble once again?
Does the person constantly return to gambling in order to try and recover losses, or win more?
Does the person ever borrow money to pay gambling debts, or to gamble with?
Does the person have unrealistic expectations that gambling will bring the family wealth and material comfort, or do they gamble to get money to solve financial difficulties?
Have you found yourself starting to hide money for family expenses in order to protect you and your family from going without food etc, because of the person's gambling?
Does this person continually lie to cover up or deny their gambling activities?
Have you ever threatened to break up the family unit, due to the continuing gambling of this person?
Do they often induce guilt on you as a method of shifting responsibilities for their gambling?
Do you find yourself attempting to anticipate this person's moods, or trying to control their life?
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