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Self Help

Calling the Gambling Helpline and discussing your situation is a good first step towards getting help. We can also refer you to your local face to face problem gambling counselling agency.

If you're not ready to contact us yet, the self-help booklets that you can download (on the right) provide some detailed ideas around steps that you can take. After you've had a look at these you might want a copy to be posted to you - please call us and let us know.

Other suggestions include:
  • Get a check up from your GP about your general health.
  • Contact the Gambling Debt Helpline and/or arrange to see the budget services in your area to start addressing your financial situation.
  • Go to a GA or Gam Anon Meeting if one is near you. We can give you contact details.
  • Seek professional help from one of the face to face counselling agencies that the Helpline can connect you with.
Start putting into action the following plan:
  • Phone the Gambling Helpline for regular follow-up support.
  • Avoid the gambling venues, i.e., don't go to the TAB/Pub/Casino, etc.
  • Alternatives - do other things instead of gambling, e.g., listen to music, visit friends, crosswords etc.
  • Exercise (if approved by GP) to enhance self care.
  • Take one day at a time.
  • Affirmation - say to yourself, "Just for today I won't gamble".
For family members / partners / affected others:
  • You might also need to get a check up from your GP. Partners/family members often suffer from depression, anxiety and stress related problems when someone they
  • care about has a gambling problem.
  • Focus on looking after yourself/family.
  • You might also want to contact the Gambling Debt Helpline to talk about how the financial situation affects you.
  • Remember that the Gambling Helpline is also here for your support - call us anytime.
  • Contact a gambling counselling centre near you, they are there to provide support for you too - you can go alone or with the person that you're concerned about.
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